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80 Wall Charger

This is an 80 wall charger that fits the samsung type c wall pd fast charger. It is a companion piece for the galaxy s9 s10 note 10 s20 a80 pixel. This charger is made of plastic and has a durable finish. It has a quick-start guide and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best 80 Wall Charger Reviews

This type-c cable is perfect for using your galaxy note10 s20 s10 s9 a80 as a fast charger. It has a standard usb type-c connector and is wrapped in a black to keep it organized. The cable is also dual-usb so you can use it both as a fast charger and a host of other applications.
this is an 80 wall charger thatwall charger can charge your galaxy a20 a30 a40 a50 a60 a70 aelectric charger device. It comes with a type c connector for connection to your compatible samsung galaxy a20 a30 a40 a50 a60 a70 a80 device. It is made from stainless steel and features a nextel logo. It has a fast- deportment rate of 5. 6 v and has a long battery life of up to plug-in adapter minutes.